10,911m depth!? World’s deepest trench! Mariana Trench

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Speaking of the highest mountain in the world?


(° Д °) Everest!


Indeed, it is the highest mountain it height 8848 m !

Actually, the world’s deepest trench is deeper than the height of Everest!


( ‘° д ° `) Whaaaaat!


This time in the fact that, the deepest trench in the world, the Mariana Trench introduce you!

What is Mariana Trench?


Mariana Trench is located in a little lower left of Guam, as shown at a map and many researchers have tried to measure its depth.

Also, since it is so deep sea, there are many unknown creatures which is not able to identify around shallow sea.


↓Like this tremendous creature lol


↓various deep-sea creature




There is currently a variety of measurement results, but currently, that depth is




It’s the distance that take 2 hours to walk!( ゚Д゚)


10,000 times water pressure of depth 1m!

Roughly calculate the pressure of 1,086kg is applied to the 1cm²


(´゚д゚`)Humans would be f***ed up!


Mystery sound of Mariana Trench

In Mariana Trench, the mystery of eerie metallic sound is heard  in the deep sea, which is called ” the sound of the other world“.

Then, marine robot was made that can research the frequency of 1,000 m depth and found out that, its sound belong to the “Mink whales”
↓Mink Whale




Mariana Trench measurement History

(1872-1876 years)

British Challenger Expedition is the first marine research of Mariana Trench

Record of this time was 8,184m.



Research vessels: USS Nero
record: 9,636



Research vessel: Manchuria No.
record: 9,814m



Research vessel: Challenger VIII No.
record: 10,863m

The deepest portion where the challenger was measured ” Challenger Deep came to be called”.



Research vessel: Vie charge
record: 11,034m

Despite the record update, its authenticity is suspected, so it is not recognized as an official record .



Research vessel: Kaiko
record: 10,911m

It has been recognized with the correct value .

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