Length 458m !? The world’s largest ship, Seawise Giant

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The world’s largest ship, Seawise Giant

Catching fish, carrying containers, cruising,

The ship is an indispensable on the sea.


In this world, there is the largest ship exist which Captain Hook might be surprised to see!


(・∀・)? ←Hook


This article would like to introduce the largest ship in the world!


This ship is so big that you might think it’s an island,

The name is…


Seawise Giant(Knock Nevis)


(・ ∀ ・) Looks strong!


The specific size is


length: 458.45 meters

Width: 68.8 meters

Weight: 564,763 tons


It can be called a sea massive truck.

By the way, the speed is 13 ~ 16 knots (about 25km / h), which is slow but destructive.


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source : http://forotitanic.mforos.com/1207916/10076302-titanic-del-siglo-21/

Seawise Giant is owned by Norway and was built between 1979 and 1980 to carry oil.


While passing through the Strait of Hormuz during the Iraq War in 1988, it was sunk by the Iraqi Air Force, but it was repaired and used again.

(´Д`)If it was Titanic, it would have sunk


However, it was dismantled in 2010 because of its aging.

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