“Take me to another useless website” Best for killing time lol

この記事をシェアする お願いします!(´゚д゚`)

useless web

What is the purpose to use internet?

( ゚Д゚)To get the useful information!



Actually, there are many useless webs which is not understandable exist lol!


(´゚д゚`)surprisingly funny!


This time, introducing the world’s most meaningless webs, Take me to another useless website” !

First, this URL ↓




Following screen comes out.

useless web


and if you press the PLEASE button…






The useless site which just shows Frankfurt rain!



and… divine mango…



slapping the guy with the snake…


cat bounce

bouncing many cats lol.


(´゚д゚`)so much fun lol


Since there are many useless webs are registered, you will never encounter same webs and not be bored!

I wonder if what will come next? And you can also enjoy excitement , so I think it is also good to kill time (· ∀ ·)





この記事をシェアする お願いします!(´゚д゚`)



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