What is the toughest wrist watch in the world?【Guinness World Records】

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CX Swiss Military 20000FEET

The toughest wrist watch in the world

Speaking of the most durable watch, what would you come up with?


(° Д °) G-SHOCK!


Certainly, it is a tough watch.


Actually, there is a tougher watch than G-SHOCK exist!


( ‘° д ° `) very very hard!


This article would like to introduce the toughest watch, “Swiss Military 20000FEET

CX Swiss Militaryの20000FEET

Name: Swiss Military 20000FEET 

  • Weight: 265 g
  • Price: about $4,000
  • Glass thickness: 10 mm
  • Case material: titanium alloy
  • Case: diameter 46mm thickness 28.5mm

As the name tells, it can withstand the water pressure at a depth of 20,000 feet.(about 6000m)


( ‘° д ° `) 600 kg pressure to 1㎠


They say it can stand 6,000m but, structurally, it can stand 7,500m  【Guinness record 】


↓ verification Video


Also, this watch can withstand the shotgun and dynamite!

↓ shotgun and dynamite

The price is the same as an ordinary luxury watch, so if you are engaged in a tough environment, why not try it (・ ∀ ・)


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