The tallest champagne tower in the world 【Guinness World Record】

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What is the largest champagne tower in the world?

Symbol of money and power…



champagne tower

is perfect for flashy lovers isn’t it?


So, in this world,


there is the tallest champagne tower exist

which causes the shortage of champagne!




This article would like to introduce you to the tallest champagne tower in the world.


What the…





This champagn tower,

The height is…




It is the same height as a three-story building.


To make this champagne tower

The number of glasses used is


54,740 glasses!






This attempt was made in Dubai

and the champagne tower was created to
celebrate the champagne

Moët & Chandon.


To make a champagne tower

People carefully placed the glasses one by one using the scaffolding.


It took 5 days (55 hours) to complete,

and on January 7, 2022,

it was certified as


Guinness World Records


as the tallest champagne tower in the world.



Smug face( ゚Д゚)


This champagne tower has been on display for a while,

and Dubai celebrities and VIPs were having a champagne party.


It was then recycled by a local glassmaker.


Dubai is amazing!(´ ゚ д ゚ `)


この記事をシェアする お願いします!(´゚д゚`)


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