The loudest burp in the world 【Guinness World Records】

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World’s loudest burp

The burp releases the air
that has accumulated in the body.


If you make a blatant sound,

you will be warned that it is vulgar.




There is a


Guinness record


relevant to even vulgar burp.


It is…



“Burp volume”



( ゚Д゚)=3



This article would like to introduce the loudest burp in the world.

Source: Guinness World Records



This guy with a dandy beard.


His name is…


Neville Sharp


He’s from Australia.


This time, the volume of the burp
recorded by Neville is





( ゚Д゚)Gueeeeee!


This sounds is equal to…




Car horn



When Neville was a kid,

his sister Sandii taught him how to burp,


and he had a special ability to burp freely.


45 years later…


Neville’s wife advised him to try to record the burp volume,


and after spending 5 years training,


He was brilliantly certified as


Guinness World Records


on November 30, 2021. ..



According to Neville,

training in burp is of course,

but the most difficult thing was to


set up a studio to measure the volume of burp accurately.


@guinnessworldrecordsLoudest burp (male) 🗣 112.4 db by Neville Sharp 🇦🇺♬ WALTZ THE HAPPY CURMUDGEON – Pedro Jos├⌐ Bern├írdez Sarr├¡a

By the way, the previous Guinness record was


104.9 decibels by British Paul Han.

It hadn’t broken the record for 12 years.

There are various Guinness records in the world.


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この記事をシェアする お願いします!(´゚д゚`)


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