The largest sand castle in the world 【Guinness World Records】

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What is the largest sand castle in the world?

You used to play in the sandbox when you were kid, didn’t you?

Sometimes the dog poop came out and I was withered.



Speaking of sandbox, making a


sand castle


is the major play


And in this world, there is the


Largest sand castle exist!



So this article would like to introduce you to the largest sand castle in the world.


This huge sand castle,

located in Binz, Germany.



The height is…


17.65 meters!


It is the same height as a

5story condominium.




The size of the circular part of the base of the sand castle is


Diameter: about 26 meters


The amount of sand used to make this sand castle is…




It’s a real castle(´・ω・)


The group which made this sand castle is,


Skulptura Projects GmbH


With 12 sculptors

8 technicians




Russia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands and Latvia.




Actually, they were trying in 2017,

but it collapsed on the third day.




The construction period of this castle is

3 weeks

It was brilliantly certified as


Guinness World Records


as the largest sand castle in the world on June 5, 2019.


What a big sand castle(; ・`д・´)


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この記事をシェアする お願いします!(´゚д゚`)


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