The largest Oreo in the world 【Guinness World Records】

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What is the largest Oreo in the world?

Bitter cocoa,

Rich cream.


Oreo is Justice!



Everyone loves




Dipping in milk is the best way to eat it, isn’t it?



So, in this world, there is the


largest  oreo exist!


As large as wedding cake!



Cake-cutting ceremony!

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This article would like to introduce the largest Oreo in the world.

source:Guinnes World Record


So big, lol



This huge oreo,

The weight is…




One ordinary Oreo weighs

11.3g, so …


It is 6495 times larger.


Dipping in milk?


you should dash milk!



of course, the ingredients for cookies and cream are those used in regular Oreo.


This giant Oreo was created to celebrate the opening of the Oreo factory in the Middle East.


On April 16, 2018,


Guinness World Records


has been certified as

the largest Oreo in the world.


Later, the giant Oreo was disassembled and distributed to employees.


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