The biggest bee in the world【Tarantula hawk】

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The world’s largest bee, Tarantula hawk

A bee is making honey and Winnier the Pooh is grateful for it.

Sometimes, it may stick a needle in your ass.


In this world, there is the biggest bee exist which you might be surprised to see!


(;´∀`)Resident Evil?



This article would like to introduce you to the largest bee in the world.

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This largest bee, which Pooh would be surprised


The name is…


Tarantula hawk


Since it eats spiders as its staple food, it is called Tarantula Hawk in English.

(´Д`)Eating something bigger than its body.


It seems that it mainly lives in the United States.

Watch your ass(・∀・)


The size of the tarantula hawk

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The size of tarantula hawk is




It seems that its body got bigger while it was fighting the spider.


(;’∀’)somedays, the people would be eaten?


Humans will not die if they are stabbed.

But it hurts very much.




Tarantula vs Tarantula hawk↓

It would paralyze the tarantula by sticking a needle in its back.


(・∀・)ouch ouch


If you meet, you should run away in 3 seconds.

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