The world’s largest beetle, Titan beetle

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The world’s largest beetle is the Titan beetle

The beetle is popular with insect collectors, children and mania.


(・∀・)They feel romance!


There are many kinds of beetle exist in the world.

And in those, there is the largest beetle which you might be surprised to see!


This article would like to introduce you to the largest beetle in the world.

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This is a palm-sized beetle,

The name is


Titan beetle


Name tells it is big!

(・∀・)looks so strong!


Titan beetle specs

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Maximum body length is




About the same length as a pencil


Actually, hercules beetle is 17.5 cm and large,

but without feet and hands, Titan beetle is the bigger.


(゚∀゚)It mainly inhabits Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, ect …


Locals and Titan Beetle

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* Since it is famous for being the largest in the world, the number is decreasing due to the capture of locals.

(・∀・)Making specimen makes locals rich.


You can buy a lot on ebay

What is the heaviest beetle in the world?

By the way, the Goliath beetle, which lives in Africa, is the heaviest in the world.


(・∀・)It has 100 g!


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