The man with the strongest grip in the world 193kg! ??

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Do you want muscle?




Just hit the steroids!




So, this article would like to introduce the person who has the strongest grip in the world!

This muscular macho man

His name is…


Magnus Samuelsson


Living in Sweden
His main job is to run a farmer and won the 1998 World Strongest Man Contest with his muscles trained through farming.


So, his grip strenght is,




He can crush the apples

( ゚Д゚)He can even crush the human head!



He holds various records other than grip strength,


Bench press: 300 kg
Arm curl: 140kg
Front squat: 375kg
Back squat: 370kg
Deadlift: 375kg


I don’t understand over 300kg (´ ゚ д ゚ `)

Has won various tournaments in arm wrestling

↓ Arm wrestling


Be careful not to let him angry, otherwise your head would be twisted


(・ ∀ ・) He is usually very gentle person!


この記事をシェアする お願いします!(´゚д゚`)


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