Weight 56kg !? The world’s smallest car 【Guinness World Records】

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世界一小さい車1 ピール・P50
source : http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2013/4/22/Three-Wheeled-Cars-Peel-P50-7713973/

What is the world’s smallest car, the Peel P50?

You can go far place, carry things and feel romance.


Cars are indispensable to our lives,
but there is the smallest car exist in the world that may blow away in the event of an accident.


So this article would like to introduce the smallest car in the world!

世界最小の車2 ピール・P50
source : http://p50cars.com/


This is a small and cute car,

The name is…


Peel P50



What are the specifications of P50?

世界一小さい車3 ピールP50
source : http://barnfinds.com/1963-peel-p50/

Specs ↓

Riding capacity 1 person
Body type 1 door coupe
engine DKW 49cc Air-cooled 2-stroke
Drive system Rear wheel drive
Maximum output 4.2ps
transmission 3-speed MT
full length 1,340mm
Full width 990mm
Overall height 1,000mm
Wheelbase 1,270mm
Vehicle weight 56kg

Maximum speed: 61km / h
Back gear: None


Specs like a motorcycle (゚ Д ゚)


It looks like a large cardboard with wheels attached.

In fact, it has been certified by Guinness as the smallest car in the world.


Since this vehicle weight is 56 kg, it is going to be…


ピールP50 スペック4
source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_Mgli9bzFs


This will happen.



History of Peel P50

世界一小さい車5 ピール P50
source : http://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_135370-Peel-P50-1964.html


Back in 1955, the UK-based Peel Engineering Company

Enter into the manufacture of microcars.


In 1962, Peel P50 was announced. The price is 199 pounds (about 2000 dollars).


It was manufactured until 1965, but due to poor business, only 47 units were manufactured in three years.


In 1966, a new car was released but it was also unsuccessful.


In 1969, Peel withdrew from the automobile business


In 1974, Peel disappeared


What a rare car | д ゚)


Purchase of P50

From Top Gear ↓

世界最小の車6 ピールP50
source : http://www.fillarifoorumi.fi/forum/showthread.php?56462-Autoja-Vol-IV-Uusi-toivo/page80


If you look for it, you can buy it second hand.




Most of P50 which is currently on the market is remade electric vehicle.

So, the maximum speed is only 16km / h.


Remade P50 can reverse.


Technological innovation!

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