Weight 2.3kg !? The largest eraser in the world

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What is the largest eraser in the world?

Studying, writing design documents, making love letters,

An eraser is indispensable for fixing them.


In this world, there is the largest eraser exist which is very hard to handle!


This article would like to introduce you to the world’s largest eraser!


As you can see here, it’s a big eraser like a tombstone,

It is sold by Japanese company Seed Co., Ltd. under the product name Radar S-10000.


The price is…


about 100 dollars!


( ゚Д゚)Can buy a lot of regular erasers!


(・∀・)When erasing, attach your left hand. This is basic.


The weight is,


2.3kg (2285g)


Length: 276mm

Width: 141mm

Depth: 43mm


It’s bigger and heavier than a big dictionary.


Maybe, it is difficult to get this out of the backpack!

It seems that you can buy it online, so why not try dominoes with a huge eraser, make sculptures, and use it as a pillow.

この記事をシェアする お願いします!(´゚д゚`)


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