The world’s largest snake, Reticulated python length 990 cm !?

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The world’s largest snake, Reticulated python

A snake that is more scary than a cockroach when it appears at home,

In this world, There are big snakes which may appear as enemies of Resident Evil.


(・∀・)Blow off with a shotgun…Ah ah ah ah!


This article would like to introduce you to the largest snake in the world.

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What is Reticulated Python?


The name is Reticulated Python,

They are also called reticular pythons, retics, and pythons.


Reticulated Python inhabits India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Myanmar etc …

Mainly in the rainforest.(・∀・)


The maximum total length is 990cm!

Almost 10m


* By the way, the average weight is 32kg. Some individuals weigh more than 100 kg.


Ecology of the Reticulated Python

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Mainly carnivorous.
They can eat crocodile and leopard.


Humans are no exception.


(;’∀’)Oh my god


The way of eating is professional.

They bite the prey first, wrap the body around, and tighten the neck.


In fact, some people have been killed.


Humans also use snakes as leather products, though.( ゚Д゚)


They are nocturnal, so be careful of your feet when walking on the road at night (・ ∀ ・)


↓ Predation scene Anaconda is narrowed down.


What is the heaviest snake in the world?

The world’s heaviest snake, though not the longest, is the green anaconda.


The maximum weight is 230 kg, which is the weight of a traffic accident if they hit your foot.

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