$60 million!? The most expensive watch in the world

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Speaking of the world’s tallest watch?

(° Д °) tourbillon!


Certainly, it is a 10 million yen class of watch!


Actually, there is the watch which is more expensive than tourbillon is exist!


( ‘° д ° `) Over billion!!?


This time, introducing “Graph The Hull Shi Nation” the most expensive watch in the world!

グラフ ザ・ハルシネーション

This wrist watch like a candy,

Name:Graph The Hull Shi Nation

Graph Diamonds Inc. worked to make it in 2014 and it consists of a multi-color diamond. 


Using over 110ct diamond and craftsmen have created it by hand. 

(It takes more than 1000 hours to create!)

And that price is an amazing, that is


$ 55 million!!?


( ‘° д ° `) can establish the building!


The following is the comment of chairman, Gragh Diamonds Inc.

“The graph Hull Shi Nation is the art which celebrate the miracle of color diamond. For many years I wanted to create a tremendous watch that can express the best passion for our diamond, but this “the graph Hull Shi Nation” is my diamond which fulfill all the passion to the diamond.



この記事をシェアする お願いします!(´゚д゚`)


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