The largest goldfish in the world 【Guinness World Records】

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What is the largest goldfish in the world?

Small goldfish swimming in the aquarium healing people.

The average size is 15 cm,


However, in this world, there are some massive goldfishes exist you may be surprised.


(´Д`)You might think of it as snapper.


This article would like to introduce you to the largest goldfish in the world.

Guinness certified goldfish !?

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This goldfish, the lenghs is…




It is too big that doesn’t fit in the ordinal fish tank.


It was measured on March 24, 2003 and certified by Guinness.


By the way, it was JORIS GIJSBERS who kept this goldfish.

(´Д`)It’s useful for emergency food!


Goldfish weighing 2.27 kg

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A giant goldfish that 16-year-old Nick picked up in the river in England.

The weight is…




It can be a blunt weapon, if you swing it.


It seems that there are traces of being released into the pond that was originally owned by someone.

(´Д`)He has a goldfish as if he had snapper


Spending 6 years to catch goldfish

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Raphael Biagini, who lives in France, has been searching for the legendary “giant goldfish” in France for six years.

He finally found the location of the giant goldfish, and when he actually dived into the pond and tried to catch it, he found it in just 10 minutes and got it easily.


(´Д`)Is it… Goldfish!?


I wonder if big fish can be made by sprinkling protein in a nearby pond.(・∀・)

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