The largest ant in the world, Dinoponera

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The world’s largest ant, Dinoponera

An ant always works hard to carry food, act in a huge group and live in the soil.

Usual ants are so small that you might step on mistakenly,

but in this world, there is the large ant exist you might be surprised to see!


This article would like to introduce the largest ants in the world.

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This ant, as black as the Mercedes-Benz,

The name is




It mainly inhabits tropical rainforests such as Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

It has a toxic needle and is dangerous for humans.


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The body length is about 2.5 cm with a normal Dinoponera, but

Queen ant is


About 3-4 cm


It’s a huge ant.

Also, the jaws are very strong, and human skin can be bitten and bleeding.


↓Predation scene

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