780km² !? World’s largest airports TOP5

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World’s largest airport ranking

The airport is an important hub to go abroad and far places.

In the world, there are some airports that you may lost because of its vast space.


This article introduces the largest airports in the world TOP5 ranking.

5th Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport


It is the largest airport in Europe located in the northern part of Paris and has an area of 32㎢.


Its size is equal to 4.48 Soccer fields


It is mainly used as an important hub for FedEX, Air France and Delta Airlines, and is said to be the busiest airport in Europe.




4th Shanghai Pudong International Airport

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source : http://www.archdaily.com/403804/shanghai-pudong-international-airport-paul-andreu


This airport is located in Shanghai, a huge airport with an area of 33.5㎢.


Its size is equal to 4.69 Soccer fields


It is the largest airport in Asia and is a hub for most Asian airlines.

(´Д`)seems like hot place…


3rd Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

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Located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, USA, it has an area of 78㎢.


Its size is equal to 10.92 Soccer fields


The second largest international airport in the United States. The design of the terminal was based on Japan’s New Chitose Airport.

(・∀・)American Airlines occupies 70% of the slots


2nd Denver International Airport

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An international airport located in Denver, Colorado, USA, it has an area of 137 ㎢.

Its size is equal to 19.2Soccer fields


The largest international airport in the United States,

it seems that there are many complaints such as being too far from the city and the ticket being expensive.


1st King Fahad International Airport

引用 : https://gaca.gov.sa/web/en-gb/airport/king-fahd-international-airport

source : https://gaca.gov.sa/web/en-gb/airport/king-fahd-international-airport

An international airport located in Tadan Maam, Saudi Arabia.

Super big airport with an area of 780㎢

Its size is equal to 109.2Soccer fields


It’s too big and has not used area of 356㎢ yet.


It is larger than the land of Bahrain, the neighboring country.

(・∀・)Maybe, you can “Saudi drifting” easily in this vast airport



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