What is the largest monolith in the world? 【TOP5】

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The largest monolith in the world

Speaking of monoliths, it is the place where hermits practice.

Dragon Ball characters are fighting and always breaking monolith!




So this article would like to introduce the world’s largest monoliths TOP5!


5. Devils Tower


The monolith in the northeastern part of Wyoming, USA.
The altitude is 1558m and the summit is 91m x 55m.


(*´Д`)that name sounds like scary!


The interpreter of the American military who saw it for the first time mistranslated it as “Tower of the Devil“, and it came to be called Devils Tower.

It seems that 4000 fierce people climb every year.

4. Sigiriya


Sigiriya is registered as a World Heritage Site. Located in Matale, Central Province, Sri Lanka.
You can overlook the green jungle and the remains of the fortified royal palace from the top of 370m, and the remains of the fortified royal palace remain.

(・∀・)There is a lot of history


By the way, the admission fees for Sri Lankans and foreigners are so discriminated.


Sri Lankan citizens: 50 rupees
Foreigners: 4,650 rupees


( ゚Д゚)It’s outrageous!


3. Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain

The monolith located in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

You can use the rope-way to climb to the top which altitude is 220m.

(・∀・)Very easy!


The English name “Sugarloaf” comes from the fact that the shape looked like sugar bread!


2. Zuma Rock


Zuma Rock towering in the western part of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria

The altitude is 1,125m and the circumference is 725m.

( ゚Д゚)Very high!


If you look closely, the white part in the middle looks like a human face.


1. Uluru (Ayers Rock)


Located in the Uluru Kata Judah National Park, Northern Territory, in the center of Australia.


Height: 348m

circumference: 9.4km


Super huge monolith!

It is also called the belly button of the earth (・ ∀ ・)


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