What is the longest river in the world? 【TOP10】

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What is the longest river in the world? TOP10

There are many rivers around the world that have been involved in the development of civilization.

And some of them are very long that you might be wondering, which is the longest?


So, this article would introduce the longest river in the world TOP10.


10th Amur river 4,444km

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source : http://www.intour-khabarovsk.com/ja/photo-galleryja/175-.html

A river that flows in the northeastern part of the Eurasian continent, extending long across Russia, Mongolia, and China.


9th Congo river 4,667km

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source : http://emplenet.org/africa/congo/

It flows from Central Africa to the Atlantic Ocean and is the second longest in Africa.


8th Parana river 4,800km

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source : https://www.flickr.com/photos/soldon/5655587595

Rivers in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. There is a 210km river on the border between Brazil and Paraguay


7th Huangpu river 5,464km

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source : http://blog.goo.ne.jp/yaasanarchaeologue/e/17a52493357abf99b40328f502960cd7

A river that flows through the northern part of China. It was named Huanghe because it contains a lot of sand and is yellow.


6th Yenisei River 5,550km

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A river that flows through Russia and also flows into Hokkaido, Japan.


5th Ob river 5,570km

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source : http://www.wikiwand.com/ja/%E3%82%AA%E3%83%93%E5%B7%9D

A river flowing through the West Siberian Plain of the Russian Federation.


4th Mississippi River 6,019km

引用 : http://edgeeffects.net/mississippi-river/

source : http://edgeeffects.net/mississippi-river/

A river that flows from the North American continent to the Gulf of Mexico. The Indians named it Mississippi (great river).


3rd Chang’an river 6,380km

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source : http://www.nanlung.com.tw/eWeb/GO/L_GO_Type.asp?iMGRUP_CD=CKG6C&iSUB_CD=GO

A river from the Tibetan Plateau to the Chinese continent. It is the longest river in Asia.


2nd Amazon river 6,516km

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source : https://www.world-surfing.jp/blog/2013/06/amazonas-wallpaper.html

A river that flows from Brazil in South America through the rainforest to the Atlantic Ocean. Amazon, which is also familiar on mail-order sites!


1st Nile river 6,695km!

引用 : http://www.harmonyegypt.com/sightseeing/aswan/post_5.html

source : http://www.harmonyegypt.com/sightseeing/aswan/post_5.html

A river that flows from the northeastern part of the African continent into the Mediterranean Sea. The longest Nile in the world, straddling many countries such as Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.


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