Length 13.5m !? What is the shortest river in the world? 【Butsubutsu River】

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source : https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ぶつぶつ川

What is the shortest river in the world?

The shortest river in the world is,


【Butsubutsu River】


Located in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan


This time I would like to introduce you to 【Butsubutsu River】!

世界最短の川2 ぶつぶつ川
source : http://pigeons-park.jp/2017/03/26/那智勝浦町で日本一短い「ぶつぶつ川」を発見/


This river is so short that you can’t drown even if you try to drown,


【Butsubutsu River】is at Nachikatsuura Town, Higashimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture,

It is certified as a second-class river in Japan.


世界最短の川 ぶつぶつ川3
source : http://plus.laforet.co.jp/blog/02shm/2016/03/post-1997.html


This lenghs is…


13.5 meter! ??


(゚ Д ゚)Very short!


【Butsubutsu】 means that water springs up.

The name comes from the fact that water springs up from the groundwater as source of this river.


Local people mow the grass and maintain it.





For access, get off at Shimosato Station and walk for 20 minutes, or go by car (・ ∀ ・)


33.572250443815506, 135.9159621803964

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